W’s Top 3: Fitness Trends

Last year saw an influx of Barre and Indoor Cycling sweeping the nation, from boutique studios to recognised gyms. In 2017, we are going to be rebooting our fitness routines with some of the top new trends. Here are W’s favourite fitness trends to check out…

Wearable Tech

Smart watches and activity trackers are on the rise still, with updated tech being introduced from top brands like Apple and Garmin. Do you know anyone who doesn’t have some type of activity tracker, whether as an extra gadget, built in to their mobile or even a fitness studio utilising tech to up the ante in a class? Why don’t you try out Jabra, MyZone or Epson?

Competitive Heart rates

Pilates inspired strength training or also known as ‘torture toning’. This training is perfect if you want a class focusing on specific heart rate zones where fat burning is at its best. Heartcore or Orangetheory Fitness are the destinations for us in London. Your heart rate will elevate through the roof, incorporating the likes of jack-knife crunches, TRX ropes and planks, as well as utilising heart rate monitors to fire your competitive streak.

The Boxx Method

In 2016 boxing was one of the biggest trends, from London’s favourite ‘Rumble’ workout at 1Rebel to ‘Boxercise’ type classes solidifying their place in gyms up and down the country. For the new year, boxing is taking a jab into the digital world. The Boxx Method is the ‘world’s first virtual boxing experience’. An online fitness programme which will have you hooked for a sequence of 3 minute rounds, comprising of several choreographed shadow boxing and high interval training workouts, as well as the use of 1kg dumbbells.

How will you be freshening up your fitness routine this year?



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