Why Bother Being Positive?

By W Model & International Athlete Ben Gregory


They always say time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, and I think we all know how the hands on the clock seem to be in slow motion when we are feeling down.

Being a W model is a big achievement, and we are the fortunate few who grace the books, the rigorous process of elimination you must have to go through before being accepted onto the books is a challenge in itself. We face rejection multiple times a week, a month, a year. But it’s not because we are not ‘good’ enough, it’s simply because the clients have an idea in their creative mind’s eye of what they are looking for and on this day it wasn’t you.

Anyway, back to my point of not delaying the enjoyment of your life, it’s easy to think in terms of goals, outcomes and success and let that determine how happy you are on a day to day basis. I want to encourage each and every one of you to not wait for the next bit of success to be happy, but remember that we GET to do this everyday and that you should enjoy everyday.

My message and the theme of this post is to not delay your happiness, it’s something I’ve learned the hard way through my sport and throughout my career as a model.

In my sport , I spent my late teenage years piling pressure on myself and really treating the sport I loved as a child as a (very stressful) full time job, often forgetting that it was supposed to be fun , forgetting that I do it because I enjoy it and the success is a bonus… this wasn’t the case. I always had optimistic goals every year and for every competition throughout that year. I thought to myself , if you win this competition – then you’ll be happy, if you represent your country and gain your first Great Britain kit – then you’ll be happy, if you go to your first International Championships… then you’ll be happy. Constantly delaying the fulfilment and enjoyment from the sport on a day by day basis.

I’m now 25; older , fitter , wiser. More importantly I’m enjoying my sport and my life more than ever before. Not because I’m more successful but I have changed the way I think about it. Now I’m happy and positive every day, enjoying the process, enjoying the fact that I get to wake up and train hard for the sport I love and have enjoyed since my school years. Enjoy your journey, every small step of it. Everyday is a new opportunity to do great things, be a great friend, be a positive influence on those around you. When you trust the process and enjoy living in the moment you liberate yourself from stress and negative energy and find yourself taking enjoyment from smaller everyday activities.

Start today, Be more positive, Enjoy your journey. As a wise rapper once repeatedly told me – YOLO you only live once!!

– – –

Photos – Patrick Hope

Clothing – LuluLemon Men


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