Travelling With Tara

Ever wondered what it’s like being an international model? Travelling from city to city, country to country sure does rack up some AirMiles and we wanted to catch up with our gorgeous LA chick Tara whilst she’s doing a season in Europe this summer.  Tara embraces her jetsetting lifestyle and is a popular girl with W clients.  Read on to hear how she got in to modelling, how she finds it now and get to know this cool cat a little better…

Tara Blanchard chats to W

I am so grateful to say that I live my dream! On the daily I actually live vicariously through my very own creative career. Not only do I get to utilize my fitness background and passion for fashion and performance, but I also get to travel around the globe and met the most artistic and inspiring minds along the way.

Thanks to my parents who were once traveling models themselves, I entered the industry quite young as a child actress in Los Angeles. As I was homeschooled, I also had time to pursue competitive rhythmic gymnastics and track & field throughout my childhood and teen years. My love for the art of movement and performance called me into the modeling world during my university studies at USC, and from there I began my international journey. Because I was studying German and the Performing Arts, I was quite keen on going abroad to Germany over the summer months to build my book. I fell in love with the wonder of travel, and since graduation I now work full time between Los Angeles and Europe.

The W Team has been the greatest addition to my career this year! I am so excited to be represented in the great UK and work together with clients around the world. What I love about the European market is its vibrant culture and fashion, as well as the close proximity of all the different cities. One day I’ll be shooting in London, the next Stockholm, and the following Germany. Whereas in LA, my time is primarily confined to the vast quarters of the city, as many international clients come specifically to capture the SoCal vibe.

Spontaneity is the name of the game and I always have to be ready to be on the move. It’s surely a lifestyle that embraces the beauty of the unknown; I never really know what’s around the corner! However, the constant unpredictable movement sometimes makes it difficult to maintain balance or consistency back at home and in my body. My life is anything but routine so I can kiss goodbye any personal planning. Being on the road can at times be a bit isolating as well, but I wouldn’t trade this life for the world. My career naturally takes me on extraordinary adventures and I marvel at the places I get to go and the new people I get to meet along the way. The Modelina life is one of great freedom, travel, creation and artistic inspiration! Six years in and I am still learning and growing on every new twist and turn this wonderful whimsical world takes me.

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