The Model Gym-Bag

Ever got caught off guard at the gym without your necessities? Ever wondered what exactly was inside a model’s gym-bag? Fear no more, here are 5 of our lovely models to give us all an insight…

Waz Ashayer

In terms of my drinks and nutrition, my go to for during workouts is the Nocco BCCA drink, but I always carry an Evian bottle of water too. Then for Pre and Post Meal, I pack in Soulmate Food.

To stay focused I can’t go anywhere without my Beats wireless headphones and of course an iPhone 7+ for music and to snap some pictures!

Nike Pegasus Running shoes are my gym bag staple, along with Gold’s gym stringer vest, a pair of shorts and lycra tights.

Finally, I don’t leave the house without Coco butter moisturiser, Comme Des Garçons aftershave and Bed Head matter separation wax.

Andrea Vasiliou

When prepping for the gym, my number 1 priority is to make sure I can focus on my workout without worrying about smelling bad! Hence why I take deodorant and and a Cool Down Primer + Recovery Gel by SPORT FX, which contains Aloe Vera and a multivitamin complex, perfect for feeling refreshed after training.

The coffee scrubs area equally fabulous to wake me up in the shower after a hefty session, as well as my Wonder Woman water bottle which I can infuse cucumber in or use it as a shaker for my chocolate whey protein.

Wireless headphones are a must (Beats By Dre are lightweight for running) and I also carry my rope with me as it’s great cardio and can be incorporated into EMOM circuits. Finally, it’s always fun to add a touch of glam to the workout whether it be quirky leggings, a nice fragrance or a cute sports bra.

Latesha Wilson

My essentials are Puma trainers are so comfy and have no shoelaces which is easy and perfect for any workout.

Sukin hydrating mist toner great for before a workout to wake up the skin and also really nice to use after a workout to cool you down and close the pores after all that sweating. Once I have cleansed my face I use Sukin 100% organic rose hip oil to moisture.

Mitchum roll on is a must for me and this keeps you lovely and dry, and smelling amazing.

Last but not least, my Pilates session must have trigger point massage balls. They are great to use before and after a workout.

Anna Clough

I’m currently marathon training so missing out the gym and instead sticking to long fell runs and yoga classes. My exercise essentials are innov8 running trainers and my petzl head torch, so I can get out early in the morning before daylight. I also pack in a yoga mat, blocks, strap and ankle weights for toning exercises. I’m loving my new Nike tights and sports bra too!


My Underarmour trainers (they’re the best trainers I’ve every had!) are always at the centre of my gym bag. For a pre-workout snack I throw in a handy bar. One of my favourites is Kind bars – they’re just made with nuts, fruits, spices and honey so I feel they’re better for my digestion than other bars made with loads of complicated ingredients! I always take my Bose bluetooth headphones. You don’t realise you need bluetooth until you have it, and then there’s no going back!

I use Women’s Best Peach iced tea flavoured BCAAs, as it tastes incredible (not artificial) and really helps fight DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), meaning you can train much harder the next day.

You will find protein powder and a protein shaker, which are super useful if you have to go somewhere after the gym. Small sachets mean you don’t have to carry round loads at once, and you save money on less healthy pre-made protein shakes.

I never go anywhere without spare bobble hair ties (I use the pretty Sweaty Betty ones) – I always lose mine!

Lastly, moisturiser is a must. It is especially useful in the summer, as constant hot showers after the gym can make your skin really dry. Ashy elbows are not a good look!



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