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My journey and life in the modelling world…

Eyal Booker

From a kid aged 11 I started modelling, not really understanding or realising what it takes to become a model at any age! I was taken on by a kids agency Truly Scrumptious and started working pretty quickly. Shooting campaigns for Littlewoods, Debenhams and M&S instantly showed me just what modelling was about and how much work and time went into every detail of a shoot. As a kid I was quite lost within a very big world of people conforming to society and hiding away from their hopes and dreams. As soon as I stepped into my first studio to take on my first job as a child model I realised that if I didn’t know what my dreams were I definitely do now. At 15 school started to get serious and I decided to put my dreams on the back burner so I could finish school and have a somewhat normal childhood along with the rest of my friends.

During my time away from modelling I tried various things, I was approached to join a band and between the ages 16-19 I was signed to an independent record label travelling the UK performing to different audiences. I also worked as an estate agent in central London part time to earn extra money. Something was missing from my life and I couldn’t work out what it was… I’m a very passionate person and I try and bring my passion with me into everything I do, however I knew that the only way I was going to really be fulfilled within my own journey was to stop lying to myself that I’m interested in anything else besides modelling & acting.

At 19 I left my other commitments and decided that the only way I was going to know if my dreams could become my reality was by giving it my best shot.. After all does one really fail in life if they have tried their hardest to chase their dreams even if unfortunately they don’t succeed ? No they don’t! I believe failure only occurs when you conform to every  ones else’s idea of success and ignore your own dreams and inner voice…

I joined a small commercial agency in London and realised that in order for me to sign to a credible agency I needed to start at the very bottom and prove to the industry I was worthy of being there. I quickly started to get jobs under my belt and my portfolio became stronger and stronger.

At the time I had just heard of this fitness only agency in Richmond called WAthletic and knew I wanted to be one of the models on their books. From a young age and  thanks to my dad sports and fitness was and remains one of my main passions…

Growing up around skateboarding, mountain biking, Quad biking and basically anything that allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and throw myself around I knew I would be good. My dad is also an avid gym goer and I started to train with him from a young age developing my core strength and building the foundations that have allowed me to continuously grow both physically and mentally. During my school days i competed for my borough in Track & Field events and ran in the National road relay championships for Barnet Copthall. I have always had a competitive streak and thats definitely helped me along the way within this ruthless industry as although I’ve come close to giving up I’ve always pushed past that and carried on until I’ve achieved what I wanted.

After I felt I had gone as far as I could and built my portfolio up as much as possible with the agency that was representing me before W I approached W and we arranged a meeting and from then on I knew I had found and Agency that are personal yet professional; friendly and above all – they believed in me and wanted me. I started working pretty quickly with one of my first jobs being for Adidas and that really proved to me that W was the right agency for me.

Being a model is full of ups and downs and learning how to take rejection is one of the key things I think necessary in order to have longevity within this industry. I’m 5’10 and that’s pretty small within the modelling world. I’ve had people close the door in my face because of that fact alone but I was determined to find an agent and agency that could see past my height and was willing to allow me to prove to them I was worthy of being in the industry.

My journey with W is everything I could have wished for and they have believed in me from the get go. For me it was always about finding an agency that believes in me as much as i believe in myself and having them give me the opportunity to prove I can do the job I say I can and the rest is down to me.

I’ve worked on some incredible jobs with W including shooting the promotional video for the first Adidas x Y3 gym wear collaboration. continuously working alongside Adidas in various projects. I’ve featured in music videos for the likes of GFOTY and Zara Larsson. and I’m currently on my way to Paris to shoot a commercial for SquareSpace.

The thing I love about W is that they don’t just want models. They want real people that can show off the product/brand to its best, People that are understanding towards most situations and people that have a real enthusiasm about everything and anything they do. My future is looking bright with W behind me and I’m looking forward to every minute of it!



Images courtesy of Joseph Sinclair, Nick Andrews and Patrick Hope

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