Meet Fitness Fanatic Zoe Shelley

NameZoe Shelley

Age: 28

Social Media: z_shelley

How did you start out in modelling?

I got really into training and my body changed considerably, at that time a few people suggested to me I should give it a go so I did some research, applied to W, and that was that!

Which track do you currently have set on repeat?

Bajito, Jencarlos – I recently came back from holiday in Costa Rica where I fell in total love with the place, this track reminds me of being back there.

Favourite city you have travelled to for work?

Tokyo – it was my first time there and it’s like travelling 50 years into the future, mind-blowing. Plus I loved all the sushi!

What are your secrets to staying fit and healthy?

Consistency – it’s no good being “on it” for a week and then letting everything slip and slide for a week or so after that before repeating the cycle again. Also keeping things varied helps to avoid boredom. I do crossfit, yoga, pilates, the odd spinning class, sometimes I go for a run, it’s good to mix things up both for your body and your mind.

Describe your style in 3 words?

Sporty, casual & stylish.

Name a guilty pleasure you can’t live without?

Salami/prosciutto etc – I’m essentially pescatarian when I cook for myself at home, this being the exception.

What’s your ‘go to’ workout routine?

If I don’t have much time but do have access to a gym, I’ll do interval sprints. Something like 200m uphill sprint as fast as possible, rest as needed and repeat 10 times.

What is one of the most unusual shoots that you’ve done?

The tour around Japan with Asics – we got to see so much beautiful winter countryside, and finished the trip in Tokyo. I felt so blessed to be sent to do this for work!

What’s the most useful advice you’ve received?

Don’t try and be something that you’re not – you can’t and won’t please everyone all of the time, so most important is to be authentic to yourself.


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