Inspirations for 2017

Are those yearly blues knocking at your door this January? After all the excitement fades and celebrations of the festive season come to an unwanted close, we all know only too well the melancholy feeling post Christmas and New Year brings.

Who better to give us that inspiration we are yearning for than wonderful W Models who inspire many with their fitness and fashion Blogs. Here’s 5 to check out…

Kim Hartwell

Kim believes that whatever shape or size, you can ‘Tone What You Own’ and illustrates that belief through her blog – http://tonewhatyouown.com/.

Her goals and aspirations for 2017 include running a marathon in 4 hours, completing her yoga teacher training course, starting her own YouTube channel and travelling often to new places.

Kirby Akindeinde

Kirby is on a mission to inspire women (and men) to both love and enjoy looking after their bodies. She set up Tigress Lifestyle as a platform for an encouraging fitness and fashion destination – https://tigeresslifestyle.com/.

Simply, Kirby’s resolutions for this year are to enjoy herself, make things happen and keep in shape. Over-complicating or a long list of resolutions may result in a feeling of being overwhelmed or potentially become unachievable. The easiest way of reducing or simplifying would be to prioritise your most important goals.

Alex Finch

Alex created Model Me Fit (http://www.modelmefit.co.uk/) as a hub to share Fitness and Nutrition tips, Fashion and Beauty looks, as well as behind the scene action from her Photoshoots.

Her own resolutions this year incorporate challenging herself with learning Krav Maga – a form of self defence in order to spice up her fitness routine and being able to travel at every possibility, whether through leisure or work.

Samio Olowu

Samio started out using her space (www.samio.co.uk) as a creative output for her take on fashion and own lifestyle. Now it is still heavily focused on style, even though she takes a more minimal approach to her own wardrobe, as well as posts relating to beauty, hair, travel and food.

Her main resolution is to travel more in 2017. Whether it would be through work or leisure, she aims to take more short trips to explore new cities and cultures. Additionally, to coincide with travel, Samio wants to develop a more vigorous at home workout routine to maintain with ease at home or abroad.

Portia P & Gabi D

Portia and Gabi share their passions for fitness, health and fun via their blog – http://modelfitlife.com/, which offers us an exclusive insight in to the modelling industry.

Their MFL ambitions for the year ahead include adventuring on a retreat together and endeavour to keep collaborating with global brands as much as possible.  From a fitness angle, they believe getting the right balance between staying fit and healthy, as well as enjoying a glass of wine with friends, is so important to keep motivated and focused throughout the year. Lastly, Portia and Gabi are ready to try any new and exciting workouts, to keep exercise routines varied and fresh. 

We will aim to bring a few more to you next month…

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