W Artist IMMA features in the latest editorial for renowned fashion periodical HUF.  Photographed by Desiree Cremona, the story includes pieces from Victoria Irving, Marianna Harutunian and Goose Craft (styling: Roxanne Chanel Murray)

With a beautiful forward from IMMA herself, please see the full editorial here

“It’s funny when I think about becoming a woman because to be honest I’ve always felt the part innately so. I think I’m only now, making it visible to people through my art and fashion choices. The Internet has made this possible like never before and I embrace that. As a child I never knew that people like me could exist, so now I use my image to make sure that some kid out in Wisconsin knows there is hope for otherness. No one is born anything, become it as apart of being in the world; so create what you want to be and live it.” – IMMA


Imma W Model ManagementImma W Model ManagementImma W Model ManagementShe_DesireeCremona_HUFMag_09




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