Focus on: Golf

Golf is enjoyed all around the globe by both fans and players, demanding a great level of precision and plenty of concentration. Our birdie Henni Zuel gives us the low-down to tee off ….

Why Golf?

 Despite the widely assumed view that it is a game for the elderly golf is in fact a challenging, engaging and dynamic sport which demands physical exertion as well as mental focus and patience. On top of that it is also a great way to get outdoors and spend quality time with friends and family.

How to get involved?

With the rise in popularity of outdoor driving ranges such as TopGolf and indoor simulators found around London, such as Urban Golf, there’s even one in a tube station! It is now easier than ever to get started with golf, many of these venues offer club hire and you can go wearing whatever you like so no need to splash out on expensive equipment (or horrendous diamond golf jumpers) yay!

Where to get lessons?

Most driving ranges or indoor simulators have PGA qualified professionals that will offer beginner lessons in groups or privately to get you going if you are complete beginner or even if you’ve played before and need a refresher.

Where can I go with golf?

The beauty of golf is that you can play casually or as seriously as you heart desires, from the occasional TopGolf get together to joining a local club, playing competitions or going on golfing holidays with your mates. Golf truly is a sport for life and is accessible to people of any age and ability, so give it a try! You might be surprised by how addictive it is.


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