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I’ve been into fitness for about two years now; my fascination with it grew when I travelled Australia with my best friend. Since then my interest in nutrition, and everything that being fit encompasses, has become a huge part of my life. I signed to W last year around May ; a huge step in the right direction. Since joining, I’ve been exposed to a huge array of new experiences, friends, and career paths. It also helped keep me motivated to stay fit, something which sometimes can falter at times.

My interest in fashion started around the age of 18 I’d say; exposed to streetwear through a change of friendship groups and a general lack of social awkwardness, I became engulfed in it all. Starting with brands like Only, Obey, Twoface and Supreme, I became another one of ‘those kids’ who’d spend all their money on newest clothes; but not trainers. My interest in trainers started a lot later in life, I’d say around 20.

Finishing college was daunting, but really did give me the freedom to do what I wanted; and one sunny evening in June, Chris and I, decided up for tickets to Australia and spend 6 months out there.

I can really say my real passion for clothing developed when I got back from Australia; being so far away from everything, and so far behind in terms of the newest clothes and shoes, really made me long for it even more so than before. So, from then on (this is like 2014?) I have really been into clothing; and of course wanting to look good in the clothes, made me want to train even harder etc etc. I guess being materialistic has its benefits to a certain degree haha.

Being a part of the fashion industry has allowed me to develop my own interests outside of modelling and sports, more akin to my other job at ‘The Basement’. Starting as a Facebook group around two years ago, since then it’s involved into one of the most influential and organic sources documenting the movement of youth, through fashion and other cultural means. My job there entails a broad array of work, from content creation to styling, fashion design to creative direction, it’s the perfect role for me; a mixture of everything I enjoy to do, working with a group of likeminded individuals, for whom without, I doubt I’d be in the position I’m in.

I’m now a part of one of the most promising and exciting developments in youth culture. I get paid to do what I enjoy, be it keeping fit and buying clothes or doing the magnum pose for Vogue. Life is looking good. I guess my mum was right, keep working hard and you’ll get what you deserve. All those 4:30am runs in the rain and camping outside stores was worth it then right? Well I’m only 21, so I guess time will tell.


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